About Me

Jeffrey’s early years unfolded in a small farming town in Massachusetts, imbued with the ordinary fabric of early life. His father, a Protestant minister, and his mother, transitioning from a homemaker to a social worker, raised Jeffrey and his sister. His childhood was punctuated by the diagnosis of a rare form of muscular dystrophy, casting a shadow on his ability of physical balance and initiating early behavioral challenges.

At the age of seven, the family relocated to Quincy, Massachusetts. Jeffrey’s journey through adolescence was marked by the crucible of family dynamics, culminating in his parents’ divorce at age 10. Simultaneously, he confronted learning disabilities that compelled him towards specialized education at Landmark, an institution dedicated to accommodating such challenges. These formative years, however, were characterized by turbulence, as Jeffrey navigated both personal struggles and a tumultuous household.

Amidst these trials, Jeffrey encountered a pivotal juncture. A close friend was introduced to the world of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Jeffrey tagged along, instigating a profound transformation. While he continued to grapple with external pressures, his commitment to supporting this friends recovery, gave a perspective that would ultimately catalyze his trajectory toward growth.

Throughout this period, his families battle with mental health issues further complicated Jeffrey’s environment, culminating in police interventions and strained family relations. At 17, he was told to leave his family’s house. Grappling with homelessness, transient employment, and the lure of substance abuse. A period of incarceration for Breaking and Entering among other judicial involvement punctuated this phase of life, further underscoring the gravity of his path.

Emerging from this dark chapter, Jeffrey embarked on an ardent pursuit of stand-up comedy, briefly illuminated by the end of judicial involvement. However, the specter of drug abuse resurfaced, exerting its destructive grip once more. A stint in a jail detox program provided a window for change, propelling him toward Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston-based initiative for at-risk youth. This engagement led to stable housing, education, and the revival of his comedic aspirations.

While the ensuing years remained tumultuous, marked by encounters with exploitative roommates and unwitting involvement with ideologically manipulated and mentally corrupt individuals, Jeffrey’s life took another transformative turn when he enrolled at Landmark College. Graduating with an Associate of Arts in general studies, he continued his academic journey at Johnson State College, securing a Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative medicine in 2015.

In 2017, Jeffrey’s narrative took a profoundly positive turn with the arrival of his son, illuminating the subsequent years as a great improvement of his life.

The journey he has traversed serves as an invaluable set of trails and tribulations from which he has distilled wisdom and resilience into a teachable form. Rooted and supported by his academic pursuits, particularly the study of brain neuroscience and cognitive mechanisms, Jeffrey has harnessed these insights to heal his mind and transcend the ravages of past drug abuse.

This depth of experience has underpinned a diverse professional foundation, enriched by an array of roles and responsibilities. Jeffrey’s academic journey has endowed him with a methodical approach to introspection and an adept means of deriving constructive lessons from adversities. Empowered by his past and guided by an unwavering commitment to growth, research, and evidence. Jeffrey now seeks to channel his hard-won wisdom into transformative endeavors, enacting positive change in the lives of others.

as was learned in college, the past was training that lead to becoming a modern day shaman. Jeffrey now goes by the name Face which was giving to him by the universe. however the training that Face provides is grounded in our shared reality.

F.M.C was formed with the idea of facilitating grounded growth to become a updated versions of yourselves.